This is such a cool sign. From an article post by Brian Samuels, a Boston-based event and food photographer and writer.    Read more:

Rules and Tips on Restaurant Photography with Brian Samuels

The typography on this invitation draws me, especially the difference between normal, bold, and italic lettering. The differences help me focus on different parts of the invitation at the same time. The illustrations and colors keep me engaged in the invitation.

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Le Petit Bakery packaging 面包

Inspiration and ideas for packaging for your cafe, restaurant, bakery, deli or sandwich shop.

Mobile cafeteria / food truck/ coffee caravan :)

Food Rings Ideas & Inspirations 2017 - DISCOVER Mobile cafeteria / food truck/ coffee caravan :) Discovred by : Julien Anton

// Live for now, thrive on the moment, remember the present is another word for 'gift'

Today is a special day. We've never lived it before and will never live it again. Today is the only day we ever have.and enjoy today and tomorow.enjoy IN THE LIFE.

oh so simple

This is a really cute font for jewelry packaging. If its going to be simple packaging it should be simple font as well.

"Scratch foods was set up by Phil Pinnell, with an idea of reinventing the ready meal without the stigma. Pairing up with his mate Alex and the Princes Trust and the Foundation for Social Entrepreneurs, Scratch Meals launched at farmers' markets. This stunning package design was crafted by Stephen Brennan."

40 awesome packaging designs

Cheese Storage Bags

Provisions is going to give us a lot of good gift ideas.(maybe just for ourselves) Cheese Storage Bags