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I don't normally repost chain mail but stitch is my weak spot! Hi m sorry!

42 means math if you take a letter with its corresponding number i.e. a=1 b=2 etc and you add up math.. it equals 42

The Answer To The Ultimate Question ~ Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy. Un-fun fact

The smart girl, the one who bring homemade desserts. The one who can't say no for being afraid of getting on people's bad side. Anxiety and depression is so fucked up

And most days I'm glad when they do .....

depressing not good enough miserable depressive falling apart painful second choice struggling

Why do you think I push people away ...... I'm don't getting hurt

So, so good! Somebody's explanation for why they attempted suicide. I depressed? Have I personally ever attempted suicide not really.

no but actually

I hate it when none can see that your sad even tho u have the fakest smile in the world. it hurts more when ur family falls for it.

Absolutely true

I do not have social anxiety disorder, however, as an introvert, many a time has come where I feel socially anxious, for one reason or another.