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Wedding favors

Hessian and Lace, Filled with Sweets and Tied with String. (I want to tie Name Tags on and sit in the Tea Cups as Place Settings)



Life of a Fairy Bra Mother: The Famous Downward Hike

Life of a Fairy Bra Mother: The downward hike band is one of the nicest touches you can add for your bra wearing comfort. It is easy and not too time consuming to do, and can be done on both the full and partial band bra patterns without any trouble

Some of my nightgown designs for the Vintage Sleepwear collection! Check out the blog of progress here:

Working on some concepts for nightgown designs! Some preliminary sketches are below, featuring some different bodice details inspired by vintage garments. I'm imagining lightweight materials, some .

Finding The Perfect Bra. SO important!  (I use to fit bras - you would be amazed at the difference the correct bra makes!)

Bra Size-read and heed.most women wear the wrong size bra.the right size can make all the difference in the world!