It's not really white. Blends perfectly with the skin tone!!!I want a skin tone tattoo ssooo bad.I don't think I can sit thru one this big.It sure is gorgeous tho

White ink tattoo Although it was not a common practice in the past, you may find more and more people are getting white ink tattoos. It looks weird and not noticeable, the white ink tattoo is loved by people who… Continue Reading →

I hate it when people say "Well, they'll look bad when you're old."  Tattoos are about so much more than what they look like.  If I'm covered in wrinkles, then let those wrinkles be decorated by the art of my life.

Forever 18 tattoo on old wrinkled lady, super cute actually, she is young in her heart :) I could see my grama having this lol in case you're wondering what your tattoos will look like when you're old and saggy.

Rock on!... It's Bad TaToos Day! check'em out...its like a montage on his face.

Bad Tattoos: 13 More of Worst & Horrible

10 more bad tattoos. Would say the worst tattoos ever but the flow of funny tats never cease! The ugliest tattoos and stupid choices idiots

Back tatoo. Another case of a clever idea actually being a long-term bad idea in disguise.

Well it’s settled, acoustic guitar tattoo on the back is the coolest tattoo you could possibly get. I’m still not getting a tattoo tho yerawizardharry: “ memoriestokeep: “ (via.

Again, simple and speaks to me. Music

32 music note tattoos to inspire. Make sweet music with these music note tattoo body art designs. A musical note tattoo will perfect your style.

WTF TATOOS | tattoos terrible awful ugliest tattoos wtf tattoos, horrible tattoos ...

Bad Tattoos: 16 More of the Funny & Worst!

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