Croissant banane Nutella

Nutella and Banana Stuffed Crescent Rolls

Nutella and Banana Stuffed Crescent Rolls : stuff a buttery crescent roll with banana and a schmear of Nutella, roll it in cinnamon sugar, and bake. This is the easiest recipe for happiness, in 10 minutes flat. from The Food Charlatan

Cookie géant

Le cookie géant : une recette facile, qui deviendra vite indispensable à vos goûters !

The giant cookie: an easy recipe that will quickly become indispensable to your snacks!

Tarte aux noix et beurre salé

Tarte aux noix et caramel au beurre salé

Crunch maison

These homemade Crunch bar 16 ounces milk chocolate, finely chopped 2 cups crisped rice cereal

Cookies mexicains

Mexican Hot Chocolate Cookies

Mexican Hot Chocolate Cookie (uses cinnamon, bakers chocolate, bittersweet chocolate, ancho or chipotle chili powder, and cayenne pepper)

Roulé chocolat café meringue

Chocolate coffee meringue roulade

Chocolate coffee meringue roulade: A rich dessert that combines meringue, chocolate and coffee is a guaranteed crowdpleaser at any dinner party.

Feuilleté crousti-fondant praliné

Délice feuilleté crousti-fondant tout praliné