my life

When four and tris kissed << when I watched Doctor who anniversary<<<when Luke and Leia learned they were twins<<when Han Solo died. on with your fangirl moments.

I think I'm more like Phil in this case

OMG DAN SAMEEEE Fun Fact about I'll spend however long it takes until all the notification bubbles are gone XD XD what am I doing with my life.

derp de derp... WHOLY CRAP!

HIS FACE HAHAHA that's what you get for playing spooky games for Spooky week by yourself when Phil is gone

Microwave [Danisnotonfire] by on @deviantART

omfg so I screamed MICROWAVE! in science and everyone looks at me and someone in the Room just whispers Dan and Phil and then I whisper Phan and I still don't know who said it XD<<omfg


awww okay I'm at the point where I have no new dan and phil stuff *cries what is…