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T+L traveled from coast to shimmering coast to reveal the best of Florida, old and new.

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The Mansion at Tuckahoe, built in 1938, is a beautiful wedding location. Photo courtesy of creatricemondial on Instagram.

The Florida Keys does #sunset right. Photo courtesy of fortheloveofsun on Instagram.

Nothing beats the #beach. Photo courtesy of fortheloveofsun on Instagram.

A calm moment in #Miami Beach. Photo courtesy of shootershane on Instagram.

Escape to the perfect #Miami beaches. Photo courtesy of kathleendixon on Instagram.

Fort Jefferson in Dry Tortugas National Park—originally built to guard the Gulf Coast—is now a gorgeous spot to view #Florida marine life. Photo courtesy of eachapman4 on Instagram.

Fiery reds fill the #Miami sky during sunset. Photo by shaneinthemia on Instagram.

Winter sunsets in Key West, #Florida are just as romantic as their summer counterparts. Photo courtesy of eachapman4 on Instagram.

Step outside during your time off and explore #Florida's lesser-known sands in Washington Oaks Gardens State Park. Photo courtesy of pmistyhn on Instagram.

#Miami's South Beach neighborhood is stepping up its A-game. What will you discover while in this Floridian getaway? Photo couresty of miminguyenphoto on Instagram.

Beaches in #Miami can seem near-endless. Explore the path less taken at South Pointe Beach. Photo courtesy of shaneinthemia on Instagram.

Leave the car in the garage this weekend and experience #Florida by land, air, and sea. Photo of Dry Tortugas, Key West by @ eachapman4 on Instagram

Imagine spending the day in Key West's shimmering turquoise waters—we've mapped out the best of #Florida.

We have your where-to guide on vacationing in #Miami, from spicy restaurants to the city's glistening beaches.

Waterfront parties abound along the coasts of #Miami's South Beach.

  • AFP Nevada

    Check out our 'America the Beautiful" board for more gorgeous places!

"For me, every road trip to Key West truly begins with the road itself." -Tom Austin | Your ultimate guide to the best of #Florida, old and new.

Khong River House is done up like a Southeast Asian farmhouse. #Miami, #Florida

Browse everything from furniture and tiles to dresses and shoes in the #Miami #Design District—home to this Zaha Hadid installation in the Moore Building.

De La Cruz Collection is an extensive three-story space for contemporary art. #Miami, #Florida

The former warehouse zone at Wynwood Arts District is now an arts-centric community. #Miami, #Florida

The #vintage clothing #designer Keni Valenti Gallery has an amazing and classic collection, from the likes of YSL and more.

For fun loafers and sneakers, head to Del Toro Shoes in #Miami, #Florida.

T+L road-tripped from coast to shimmering coast—starting in #Miami—to unearth the ultimate #Florida escapes.

The blue waters, sandy coast, and buzzing scene, make #Miami hard to beat. Photo courtesy of ayprentals's #TLPicks on Instagram.

Wake up to a beautiful morning in #KeyWest, #Florida. Photo courtesy of eachapman4's #TLPicks on Instagram

Between sunny beaches, blue waters, a buzzing art, food, and shopping scene—Miami is hard to beat. #Florida

Spend a night at the Tropic Cinema in Key West, #Florida.

Take in the historic district of Pigeon Key in #Florida.

Nothing is better than a day spent looking out onto the Gulf of Mexico in the #Florida Keys.

Stop off at 2 Cents #wine bar for a quick—and scrumptious—snack. #KeyWest, #Florida

Take the afternoon to go shopping in #KeyWest, #Florida.

Why not lounge by the pool at the Freehand Miami hostel? You are in #Florida, after all.

Whether you're at the #beach or the #pool at the James Royal Palm Hotel, both are great options in buzzing #Miami, #Florida.

Even the view from U.S. Highway 1 is beautiful in the #Florida Keys.

Healthy heirloom radishes with sea salt look just as good as they taste at 2 Cents restaurant in #KeyWest.

#Islamorada is for relaxing under palm trees—steal some shade at the Moorings Village & Spa.

Spend a day relaxing at the Moorings Village & Spa in #Florida #Islamorada

It's all about toppings, right? Eat at 2 Cents Restaurant in #KeyWest, #Florida

Take in the blue waters of #Islamorada #Florida out on a dock at the Moorings Village & Spa.

You're not the only one beach hopping in #Tampa. It's one of the top things to do in #Florida.

  • Karma Bennett

    Yeah, ex-Floridian here; must agree with the others. I grew up in the East of Tampa and we would drive past it all the way to Clearwater to get to the beach. Tampa beaches are gross.

  • Carla Stivalli

    Are there any place to surf near Orlando? I'm from Brazil, anybody helps me? Ah! I have one child out of Orlando, where can we go? Tks a lot!

  • Carla Stivalli

    Ooops, sorry my English.

  • Lavonda Sullivan

    Carla, I live 0n the west coast but I know Daytona Beach has good waves and is easy to get to from Orlando. But someone from the east coast may be able to guide you better. Good luck and have fun.

  • Kim Callahan

    Yes, Daytona would be the closest beach to Orlando. I live in Jacksonville which is just north of Daytona. The beach and the waves are great but the water isn't always pretty. Just depends on the day and the surf. The water on the east coast is prettier the farther south you go. Of course the beaches on the west coast of Florida are the prettiest with Destin being the opinion of course :-)

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St. Augustine is America’s oldest permanent European settlement, and it has the legends to prove it. It's also one of the best towns in America for Halloween.

Hollywood Beach is just one of #Florida's best beaches—discover the greatest attractions in the Sunshine State. Photo courtesy of agemini_inwanderlust on Instagram

Thanks to more than 1,350 miles of sandy shoreline, beach hopping in #Florida is a connoisseur’s sport—why not start in #Orlando?

Enjoy the buzzing nightlife of #Miami, #Florida. Photo courtesy of agemini_inwanderlust on Instagram.

Book a fishing charter for the morning before heading down to Key West. #FloridaKeys #Florida

See rescued pelicans and hawks at the #Florida Keys Wild Bird Center, in Tavernier.

Dry Tortugas National Park, Key West, #Florida is one of the most beautiful #islands around the world.

Take a hint from these manatees—the best way to cool down in Crystal River, #Florida is to make a splash!

Dive into the waters of West Palm #Beach, #Florida and you might come face-to-face with a hawksbill #turtle.

This serene view is from The Breakers Palm Beach hotel in #Florida, one of America's Best Beach Hotels.

Day or night, #Miami is beautiful. Watch the transition during a sunset over Haulover Beach Park Marina. Photo courtesy of shaneinthemia on Instagram