Shoulder Season | Tuxedo no.2 | rye, apple brandy, angostura bitters, walnut bitters, maple syrup

The shoulder season began as a riff on the excellent maple old fashioned, but slowly grew into its own thing. Fall flavors are rarely subtle, but this drink stands tall amongst .

Planter's Punch | Tuxedo No.2 | rum, lime, allspice dram, angostura bitters, simple syrup

Variations on planter‘s punch abound, but generally they contain a common core of full-flavored rum, lime, sugar, spice and plenty of ice.

Vampire Blues | Tuxedo no.2 | bourbon, sherry, lemon, pumpkin butter, angostura bitters

Created by Jessica Gonzalez of New York cocktail mecca Death & Co., the vampire blues might be the finest Halloween cocktail we’ve ever tried. Granted, many other drinks of this variety sport electric gummy worms and plastic monster teeth, .

Airmail  | Tuxedo No.2 | rum, champagne, lime juice, simple syrup

The history of the airmail has been rewritten over the last five years. In David Wondrich—one of the world’s premier cocktail historians—wrote that the drink was published in the 1949 Esquire book handbook for hosts.

Remember the Maine | Tuxedo no.2 | rye, cherry heering, sweet vermouth, absinthe

The USS Maine was an American naval ship that sunk in Havana Harbor during the Cuban revolt against Spain of The cause was subject to much speculation, but popular U. opinion and the rabble-rousing press blamed Spain.

Conifer | Tuxedo no.2 | pear brandy, green chartreuse, maraschino liqueur, dry vermouth, spruce essence

Conifer | Tuxedo no.2 | pear brandy, green chartreuse, maraschino liqueur, dry vermouth, spruce essence

Maggie Smith  | Tuxedo No.2 | pisco, rum, orange liqueur, lime, orgeat, simple syrup

It can be a little difficult to track down great recipes made with Pisco, disregarding its world-famous sour of course, but the Maggie Smith is one of our absolute favorites.

Long Hello | Tuxedo No.2 | champagne, apple brandy, elderflower liqueur, whiskey barrel aged bitters, nutmeg

The Long Hello was created by Damon Boelte while working as the bar director at Prime Meats in New York. The name references an obscure prog-rock album from the This bubbly drink is an adventurous twist on the classic /champagne.

Pressure Drop | Tuxedo no.2 | old tom gin, amaro, dry vermouth, pear brandy, bitters

Created at New York tippling institution Death & Co, the Pressure Drop is a wintery riff on the legendary /martinez-cocktail-recipe.

Milk Punch | Tuxedo no.2 | bourbon or brandy, simple syrup, vanilla, milk, cream, nutmeg

Milk punch is a New Orleans standard, often found rubbing shoulders with the Sazerac and Ramos Gin Fizz. The drink has a long history in Louisiana, but its Ame.

Alaska | Tuxedo No.2 | gin, yellow chartreuse, orange biters

The Alaska first came to prominence through the famous Savoy Cocktail Book, first published in The little bit of known arcana surrounding this drink com.

Rum Flip | Tuxedo No.2 | rum, egg, simple syrup, nutmeg

The rum flip is a bit of a forgotten cocktail, but in colonial America, it was one of the territories more popular drinks. In his book And A Bottle of Rum

Brandy Alexander | Tuxedo no.2 | brandy, creme de cacao, cream, nutmeg

Traveling by train in the early was a messy business. The ash from coal would cake unfortunate passengers like pieces of overdone barbecue. The Lackawanna rail company, which made the majority of its money shipping cleaner-burning Anthrac.

Gilchrist | Tuxedo no.2 | blended scotch, pear brandy, grapefruit, amaro, orange bitters

Gilchrist cocktail with blended Scotch, pear brandy (Artez would be amazing!), Amaro Averna, grapefruit juice and orange bitters.

Naked & Famous | Tuxedo No.2 | mezcal, yellow chartreuse, aperol, lime juice

While the naked and famous was only recently published in the 2014 Death & Co cocktail book, it has found our eyeballs and lips several times prio.