In The End… Black Veil Brides

In The End… Black Veil Brides wanna getting this tattooed on me

Your people will always need you, Andy. The BVB Army. Keep us going day by day, even though we feel the wweight of the world on our shoulders.

psshh please...I AM A BVB ARMY MEMBER. I got Black Veil Bride Pride!

psshh please.I AM A BVB ARMY MEMBER. I got Black Veil Bride Pride i'm too an idiot, a killjoy, a siren, and more.

Ashley Purdy quote.

- I know this is Ashley Purdy and not Andy Biersack, I'm sure you guys won't mind xD I just love this quote ♥ Still in Bvb soo cx

andy biersack smiling

Something about his hair, position and his clothes make me wanna fangirl.


Exactly Normal people scare me.

"Andy! Warning: seeing so much absolute beauty may cause your heart, eyes, and ovaries to explode proceed with caution and remember ANDY BIERSACK IS NOT HUMAN HE IS A FALLEN ANGEL. (Simple logic really I mean he can't be human with those eyes and that hair and *talks for an hour about how awesome he is*)" Not my words...but they are soo true! XDD <3 <3 <3

You know just some pictures of my beautiful, angel, husband Andy.

BVB Army

I am proud to be a Black Veil Brides soldier, forever and always!

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Black Veil Brides purchasing "Wretched and Divine"

black veil brides

black veil brides' Ashley Purdy is an awesome bassist