UNR Photo Who's Who Project

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20 Pins

A Paiute boy, 1912

Art and Music Camp, Lake Tahoe (1970)

Six unidentified fraternity members sitting in a row (ca. 1945)

Men's Ski team during the Winter Carnival (1958)

A large group of unidentified women and several African-American men (1957)

Barber Shop

An Unlucky Hiker

A seated woman with four children around her

11 Preps 1911. In front of Lincoln Hall, University of Nevada

Did you participate in the Nevada District 4-H Club in the 60s? Find yourself and let us know!

Unidentified students forming a pyramid outside (1962)

Unidentified skiers in a row looking uphill (1959)

Track team: two unidentified hurdlers (ca. 1958)

Noble H. Getchell Library Bookwalk (1961)

5 unidentified young women in evening gowns (1956)

28 unidentified young women at the edge of the LXA frat house lawn (1967)

15 unidentified men at an athletic field (1930s)

Unidentified men and women

Clark Gable, John Albert Marshall II, and an unidentified woman at Pyramid Lake, NV

[Unidentified band; Tony's Jazz Band?]