Real quick, even tho this is Michael from he's a huge Green Day fan and is deeply one of us, give them a chance for those who think they're another

when I see pictures like these I feel so proud, like I'm mom from 5sos and they are my little babies and I'm watching them as they grow up:-)

Calum got hella tan Luke got sun kissed And Michael still looks like he's been on an Article Expedition his whole life and hasn't seen the sun in years.

This girl is a legend:o

She tried to kiss Michael too? Just ruins it for everyone else who really do want just a slight peck on the cheek, you know

Me and Calum are the same I mean give me and dead fish and I'll be occupied for life

5 Seconds Of Summer Talking About Self Harm - YouTube

5 Seconds Of Summer Talking About Self Harm < as soon as Calum started talking i teared up. at Michael's part I started crying. I just lost it. It gets better.>>>>>>this video is amazing.

That looks so cool like a badass Mexican. I shouldn't call him Mexican after the whole Asian thing>>> GLA

baby lukey

this mudder trucker is I love him so much and I'm so glad that he even exists. Luke, you mean the world to me and idk I'm gonna cry omigod okay well I love you and happy birthday ya big noodle. xx - L