There's always light - even in darkness.PRECIOUS THREADS™ are a reminder of what you hold dear to your heart. The braid symbolizes past, present, and future. Every connection leads us to our destiny, ultimately revealing our path through life. The ties

This is apparently one of the most pinned pins on Pinterest right now, so I guess you can't overlook the genius of simplicity. Beautiful use of darker colors to bring out her hand and the rings, and her angled sleeve adds character.

Constructed with intricately woven pieces, the Celtic Knot is a symbol of infinity, as it has no beginning or end. A mystical icon with ancient roots, this knot symbolizes the resilience, flexibility, and timelessness of the human spirit. Embrace the fear

Gifted with sharp intuition and the ability to see through darkness, the owl is a creature of intelligence. Throughout history the bird has been a scholarly symbol, often associated with Athena, the Greek goddess of wisdom. Embrace the clever energy of th

We love layering several pendant necklace styles to create a unique look! Change it up by slipping on a solitaire gemstone pendant with your go to solid silver or gold necklace. We know it can be hard to find the styles you love in the perfect lengths. Pick up a pack of necklace extenders though and you’ll ready for endless mixing and matching with any neckline! From classic to chic, shop hundreds of necklace styles at affordable prices from JTV!

Celtic Knot - Mother & Child (for me and my mom) I could make a metal one with a few beads or charms into a necklace or bracelet. ♥

The Ouroboros Charm Bangle signifies the circle of life, infinity and the cyclical nature of the universe. Shop Charm Bangles at ALEX AND ANI now!

A recurring theme in Renaissance art, "memento mori" is Latin for "remember death" and served as a reminder that everything in life is fleeting. 16" 14k Gold-filled Chain with a tiny skull.

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