Black Cat Slouch Hat - Free Crochet Cat Hat Pattern

My Black Cat Slouch Hat has chunky ribbing and cute cat ears. The simple and free Crochet Cat Hat pattern works up quickly and makes a great gift.

Sewcabulary: Fourteen Key Terms for Understanding Patterns

Sewcabulary: Fourteen Key Terms for Understanding Sewing Patterns. Great introduction to sewing patterns for beginning sewists.

Style for a Song: DIY Mint Jeans

Maybe not skinny jeans, but skinnier would be nice. Super easy tutorial on how to turn mom jeans into skinny jeans that fit perfectly! I've done this with like 4 pairs of thrifted jeans now. love it!

Pattern Alterations: Fixing Fit Issues

In this class you will learn how to do basic pattern alterations on several different pattern pieces. Ashley Hough will teach you how to alter shirt necklines and backs, shirt sleeve, skirts and pants.

How to sew a round hem - On the Cutting Floor: Printable pdf sewing patterns and tutorials for women

How To Sew A Perfect Round Hem .not everybody has a serger or like the idea of the bias tape. That is why I wanted to add this tutorial with a simple way to make a round hem.

Sewing Needle Knowledge

The sewing needle is often overlooked, although it is one of the most important pieces of a sewing project. In this video, ZJ Zumbach will teach us some important tips about needles, including how long they should be used before being replaced, and how to know which type of needle is best for each sewing project. See what other helpful advice ZJ has to offer in this sewing video.

The Only Hand Stitching Tip You Need for Accurate Spacing

Many people tend to shy away from hand stitching because of either the length of time it takes to complete the stitching or the difficulty of ensuring that the stitches look nice and even. Ashley Hough shares a fun hand stitching tip that makes accurately spacing your hand sewing stitches quicker and easier.

Top 5 Tips for Hemming Pants

These tips will guide your through hemming pants whether you're a talented seamstress who's been hemming for years or about to tackle your first pair.

Sewing Ergonomics: Tools, Tips and Techniques

Jessica Giardino and Ashley Hough present helpful techniques to prevent any aches or pains that may arise when sewing. Learn how to establish a safe and comfortable sewing environment. Also, witness different sewing tools designed to reduce any muscle strains caused by hours of sewing. Use these sewing techniques for years to come.

Make a Strip Skirt

Ellen March teaches you how to make a strip skirt using your own pattern. It is easy and all you need is a big sheet of paper. Then determine how long you want it to be and Ellen will help you finish it. Once complete, add a simple double turn hem to perfect it.

Stephanie Ohnmacht shows us how working with striped patterns can be a lot of fun. She walks us through the preparation for working with striped patterns, including how to have the pattern layed out and the basic rules of working with stripes. Watch and learn how to make a flattering garment using stripes and get started today.

How to Sew a Lined Patch Pocket

Many bag or tote patterns that you buy off the shelf have all the beautiful detail reserved for the outside of your bag. A lot of the time they do not incorporate any of that detail – specifically pockets – into the inside of the bag. Or if they do have pockets worked into the inside lining, they never seem to be exactly how I would want them. So, here’s an easy trick to making your own lined pockets!

Crochet Halloween Hat Free Patterns & Instructions

10 Crochet Halloween Hat Free Patterns via I like the harley quinn one, and the thick helmet could make a marvin helmet!

Sew a Yoga Mat Handle Using Bias Tape

Carry your yoga mat to class in style with a fun carrying handle complete with a velcro pocket! Follow along as Stacy Grissom shows you how to measure for and make your handle using only a small amount of fabric, some fusible fleece, and bias tape. This easy to construct handle can be simply wrapped around your yoga mat for transport, or the design also allows you to slip one handle through the other in order to hold it tighter.