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Naughty is ALWAYS Better. (Adult Content)

Because everyone knows that bad is better.

Naughty is ALWAYS Better. (Adult Content)

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Never forget the magic words.

BDSM gift SET 6 piece set for Master Slave Dom by TwistedSkrews

Him: "I'll keep you safe, I promise." Her: OK, then I promise... to keep you wild."

my eyes, a mix of desire and trepidation. i shiver at the thought of where the darkness may lead. i burn with desire at all which i crave. the strength of Your hand, unfurled for mine. to care and protect and love. be my guide. ~ beautflstranger 2013

Inspirational Quotes complied by Life Coach Jaclyn Costello

Inspirational Quotes

Quote by Gabriel Garcia Marquez. I think that everyone needs a harmless secret obsession. 100% believe in this, no matter what people post over social media they are only letting you see what they are comfortable with showing. We all have secret obsessions and vices that we don't shout or post about. That's what makes them so exciting.

"He's your fiance." The words echoed in my ears, blood pounding along side them. What? That wasn't possible, we had just met a couple of weeks ago. He was my..."No way, that's...really?" The word was choked out of my mouth, and between the angered look Kai gave and the mischievous one my father was giving him back, I knew it was true. "How long?" The words were forced out, breathless already. "Oh I stopped counting around thirteen hundred years ago."

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She gave you her best you never cared, then she left u wondering what you did.

“Letting go of the beliefs that keep you stuck will provide you with the opportunity to start down a new path.” ~ Mystic Sounds

Ancient Wisdom 4 Modern Women

saber esto: soy adicto a ti. He probado tu mente, y no puedo olvidar su sabor

On Oral Sex: | 80 Of Samantha Jones' Best Moments On "Sex And The City"

80 Of Samantha Jones' Best Moments On "Sex And The City"


My gynecologist says I cant have sex for 2 weeks What did your Dentist say? #Real

What Did You Dentist Say | WeKnowMemes

10 Hot '50 Shades of Grey' Quotes That Will Make You Fall in Love All Over Again (PHOTOS) | The Stir


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