balloon vase

How-To: Make Your Own Mini Vase in Under 30 Seconds

diy flowers, vase, I love how simple this idea is! Glass to mini vase with a balloon. Great for perfect colored vases, protects tabletop, and easy to use lots of them in a color scheme for a party.

Transformed :: Mason Jar Herb Garden

Mason Jar Herbs: Mason jars may be a cliché, but we gotta admit, they're tailor-made for an indoor herb garden and crazy-easy to assemble. Click through for more indoor herb garden ideas.

So much nicer than a bottle of Dawn sitting out!

D.I.Y. Etched Dish Soap Bottle

DIY: Lettering on glass bottles I etching whiskey glasses for my husband 10 years ago and for got about it, great idea for our olive oil vs. vegetable oil near our stove or hand soap vs. dish soap near our kitchen sink!

Fork Crafts

❥ Fun Do It Yourself Silverware Craft Ideas – these would be great wedding place card holders!

The selection was gathered in this form due to the aesthetic appeal of the ideas presented in each of them and the degree of handcrafting skills one should have in order to obtain such eye pleasing decors. The list can go on forever, which is why we invite you to send us your very own paper crafts and to share your own creativity with us. Thus we hope you will enjoy our small collection of 40 Ways To Decorate Your Home With Paper Crafts.

DIY blooming monogram perfect for wedding decor. Use silk or dried flowers in florist foam in the hollowed out craft letter. You also could make wine cork letters or use other decorative items to create a meaningful monogram for the happy couple.

Very creative...Benidorm, Spain, España

Use an old bike tire/wheel and connect LED household bulbs through wire in the tire tube. Then hang from the ceiling! For the bike room

DIY Chalkboard Party Tray

How to Make a Chalkboard ~ Serving Tray

DIY Chalkboard Serving Tray: Paint a plank of wood with chalkboard paint for a trendy way to serve snacks at your next party. Thanks to this tutorial by you can make it too! Use chalk to label your hors d'oeuvres for guests.

DIY: Jewelry Stand

diy jewelry stand or cake stand - add marbles or something around the edges to hang necklaces from.

Learn how to make beautiful and magical soaps at home! | Create Soap That Looks Like Crystals |See video and full written instructions here:

Create Soap That Looks Like Crystals