Fun Facts About Your Favorite Animals!

Did you know that chickens are the closest living relatives of the Tyrannosaurus rex? Learn more fascinating facts about some of your favorite animals!

John Robbins - Be vegan - eat plants and stop pretending that driving a Prius will fix all your other bad choices

The animals, environment, planet, hell. mankind will benefit from a vegan lifestyle

I dislike eating meat: I turned vegan because of love and compassion for animals, I'm proud of it/DB

the fourth most intelligent creature on earth, more loving and smarter than a cat or dog; bacon is not a thing it's the remains of a living being; please stop financing cruelty, go

veganzeus: “ If you eat meat…you are eating baby and toddler age animals… You need to think seriously about that fact.

Making ONE hamburger takes 600 GALLONS of Water. SKIP the burger, SAVE the Earth. {Go Vegan}. Besides all the food like corn used to feed animals in factory farms, then killed in slaughter houses.