Kristen Bies

Kristen Bies

Buffalo, NY, USA / Fierce woman, momma, vegan
Kristen Bies
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The Tragically Hip In Between Evolution Digital Lyric Art

Best opening lyric ever (can you find it?): "He said fuck this, and fuck that.

SRS Funny

SRS Funny


“I do not try to dance better than anyone else. I only try to to dance better than myself.” ― Mikhail Baryshnikov tags: dance 101 people liked it like

A beautifully basic storage option for the eco-friendly home. Made from recycled wood and hardy metal, these shelves are built to last. Aside from being sustainable, the raw, reclaimed materials produ

The Kalalou Recycled Wood And Metal Shelves is a simple but spacious wall shelf for your home. Since the design is plain, you will find enough space to accommod

This is how I organize my pantry. See how I store my bags of chips so that they are easily accessible and off my pantry shelves. Love it!

How to organize bags of chips without using canisters. I had a mess of chips on my pantry shelf and with this quick change I have saved space.

One idea of many; can't decide on if it should be part of the cabinets or do it as a separate built in

Small pantries can make for frustrating meal prep & grocery planning. These smart storage solutions for a skinny pantry will create order from the chaos!