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People I loathe

People I loathe

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3 Times That Sarah Palin Was Cruel to Animals

3 Times That Sarah Palin Was Cruel to Animals

fur hoody & uggs. How many animals had to die for this hag to look this stupid?

Sick. Turning little girls into cold hearted fur hags.

Dr. Keith Ablow, Foxnews Whore aand deeply disturbed individual, thinks Obama wants the United States to suffer from Ebola

Keith Ablow, Asshole of the Day for May 15, 2014 by TeaPartyCat (Follow @TeaPartyCat) It seems not a day goes by where someone in power or in the media says something horrible about rape. Today we add Dr. Keith Ablow, a Fox News's expert. Dr. Ablow defended a middle school banning tights on the grounds that boys will be boys: ABLOW: You cannot come in with leggings. Because my son wants to learn and the truth is it is distracting. And it is kind of inappropriate because when did we decide ...

Asshole Of The Day

Rick Berman wannabes? "The Cavalry Group provides 24/7 legal defense for your animal enterprise. An affordable peace of mind. #TheCavalryGroup"

The Cavalry Group. Fighting for your right to exploit animals

Center for Consumer Freedom - now the Center for Organizational Research and Education - SourceWatch A front group for the Processed Food Industry organized by lobbyist Richard Berman

Center for Consumer Freedom - SourceWatch

Man accused of drowning elderly dog with bowling ball

#FURHAG DISGUSTING!!!! Gigantic Blue Fox Fur Coat. About fifteen foxes killed for fashion.

Eric Skowron and Alisha Marie King - OHIO Couple lured a sweet, harmless, loveable lug of a dog named Tyson, a 9-year-old Rottweiler/shepherd mix, to their home and shot him. A video captures the kidnapping. Eric Skowron also has a Facebook ( And a Myspace ( It’s reported he works for Fermi 2 Nuclear Power Plant, and has been bragging about shooting a dog to his coworkers and Facebook friends.

Punish Ohio man that uses kittens as food for his snake! What a creepy asshole

DEMAND Maximum Penalty For Zachary Kilmartin For Abandoning Dogs Locked In A Crate For Days! GET TOUGH ON ANIMAL ABUSE! PLZ Sign and Share!

DEMAND MAXIMUM PENALTY for this SAVAGE that beat puppy a puppy to death with a dog toy! HELP NAIL THIS MONSTER! PLEASE SIGN AND SHARE WIDELY! Next court date is first September 8TH!

****ANIMAL ABUSER ALERT**** Gerardo Perez of Chicago rapes a pit bull while the dog is in a shelter looking for a home! Please spread this all over facebook. This cannot be ignored. He must suffer!

Dennis Basso, fur peddler. Say no to torture, fur hags

Dennis Basso at New York Fall 2011

A real tiger fur and a real fake woman. Shame on you ugly hag! creature of the dark

The assholes who do the marketing for Arby's can go f*** themselves with something sharp.

Texas Cheerleader Kendall Jones Sparks Online Outrage with Hunting Photos I don't understand why she in not arrested..she admits to killing white rhinos..

Dumb bitches who post things like this.

Random Funny Pictures - 47 Pics

Kendall Jones- killer and attention whore. Parenting gone wrong.

Rick Berman

HSUS shows its true anti-animal colors

The Blonde Vegan. Instead of addressing critics and the very legitimate things they say about how she has and continues to cash in on veganism while being an omnivore herself, blocks them like a little girl. Seriously hope her fake brand dies soon.