I did all of these in high school, but have since forgotten this lost art of note folding. I shall make a few love notes for the nieces.

Awesome Folding Skills

Funny pictures about Awesome Folding Skills. Oh, and cool pics about Awesome Folding Skills. Also, Awesome Folding Skills photos.

Get busy building the ideal blanket or pillow fort habitat.

23 Ways To Improve Your Lazy Night In

5 Steps To Building Your Own Epic Blanket Fort. The thing is we do this we actually love doing this. It would be awesome if u had a party like this with 2 teams, fort supplies and playful weapons!

Best way to deliver a note…

Best way to deliver a note…

3 different styles of letter folding

3 Different Styles of Letter Folding

Bamboo letter fold, so much more interesting than an envelope!

And it is soo easy it will take 5 minutes tops! it says it is a pocket but it looks like a bookmark tab thing.

<a href="http://fave.co/1M9e2dG" target="_blank">Game of Phones</a>, a card game that's like having a scavenger hunt on your phone.

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