Washington Square, New York City

Arch at Washington Square, Manhattan, New York. Sure looks like the Arch de Triumphe in Paris!

Supermoon - New York City

Moon - Looks like from the NJ side! Nothing like full moon in NYC ----> 2013 Supermoon from New York City, USA - By Strykapose

NYC Christmas

NYC @ Christmas - Sixth Avenue holiday decor with Radio City in background. I would love to see NYC at Christmas!

Brooklyn Bridge, New York City  (by James Neeley)

Beautiful photo of the bridge! / Walk the Brooklyn Bridge. An elevated pedestrian and bike path keeps you away from the traffic. The bridge architecture is great, as are the views of the city. Brooklyn Bridge, New York City (by James Neeley)

New York in winter

New York City at night from Central Park in the snow. - New York at Christmas

Taxis at Night, Central Park, NYC

My design inspiration: Taxicab Confessions Canvas on Fab.


45 E Street at night from Hamilton Park, Union City, NJ, looking East. New York photo.