Rugs I have designed and hooked

23 Pins
three white kittens are sitting together on a brown background with black and red accents
Westie Trio
Designed by Kim Niles exclusively for me and rug hooked by me 2006
a doll laying on its side next to a knitted mermaid tail and handbag
My rug hooked mermaid sculpture
a pink stuffed animal sitting on top of a metal stand
My rug hooked whale sculpture
a tote bag with an ice cream cone on it
Rug Hooked Macaroon Sustainable Bag
a blue and green quilt with pink flowers on the front, sitting on a tile floor
a quilted wall hanging with many different colored circles and shapes on it's sides
Custom piece for a gift for a wedding
a blue rug with a pink fish on it
My Whale is made from leftover strips of wool from other pieces
an oil painting of apples and a blue pitcher on a table cloth next to a window
Window pane
Designed and Hooked by Victoria Rudolph
a rug with sunflowers on it is hanging on the wall next to a wooden floor
Sunflowers for Pam
the seven zodiac signs are arranged in a circle on the floor with their respective colors
M&M's in A Color Wheel
six decorated doughnuts sitting on top of a towel
More Donuts
four knitted hats are arranged on a rug
Trois Macaroon
an oil painting of many different types of donuts on a white platter with purple and yellow frosting
four red apples sitting on top of a white rug next to each other with candles sticking out of them
Candy Apples
a group of knitted hats sitting on top of a rug
Cake Display