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The Truth of all not just jeeps! But what can you love without heartache?

Military Vehicle Junkyards, Cemeteries, and Bone Yards Mothballed Armies For Tanks, Jeeps, Trucks

Jeep ‘graveyard’ in Okinawa, Japan, Thousands of army trucks, jeeps, and parts were dumped on the island of Okinawa after World War II. This photo were taken on November.

Buckskin - I so love this picture.

The First Nation's People Are the Real History of America. There is no American Excellence Without our First Nation's Brothers and Sisters.By Artist Unknown.

Drums Are The Bacon Of Music

Bacon is the best. Drums are also the best. They each, in their own way, bring a rich, full flavor to whatever they may be paired with. As bacon is to any kind of food, so drums are to any kind of mus