Louis Vuitton Circus windows, Paris visual merchandising

Louis Vuitton window display dora the roll up circus elephant was over joyed that she had been chosen for a modelling job with vuitton and showed off to all the other elephants until she knew she would have to be doing this 12 hours a day, poor dora

shoe skirt,pinned by Ton van der Veer

Shoe Dress Window in the Shoe Woo Store NYC by NYC Style Little Cannoli. Kinda fun backdrop for window display for spring

♂ Retail store window display visual merchandising Newspaper blue

♂ Retail store window display visual merchandising with easy to find items - just newspaper & blue paint

japanese window display

A window display outside of LaForet Harajuku in April of The entire display is piled up with millions of Japanese kankan-bou (boater hats). There is an article about the Boater Hat trend in Tokyo right now here.

AMATO's collaboration with SPLASH

Splash Calendar 2014 - In Love With Fashion, a series of explosive and colorful photographs created by photographer Tejal Patni, based in Dubai, who has

Window Visual Merchandising | VM | Window Display | Lanvin

Lanvin window display in Paris by Fashion designer Alber Elbaz. I love Lanvin! I love Alber Elbaz so much!

Window display Bergdorf Goodman. #Alexander McQueen

idea of how to match the set/background with a costume.Alexander McQueen Window display at Bergdorf Goodman.

Moschino London window

Moschino London window With pictures instead of models- vacations, kids' games, tv, anything people should see better.