role of crescent rolls and roll them from the small end to the large, like a spiral. Remove the excess dough at the large end to make room for cocktail wieners. Use small pieces of marshmallows and either mini chocolate chips or pieces of olive for eyes. This is my guess. Time to experiment!

Pretzel Dogs

A dramatic take on "pigs in a blanket." These things look totally insane! This appetizer recipe is great if you're looking for last minute Halloween party ideas or any other time:)

Fluffy, soft, moist and loaded with fresh peaches...Peach Fritters!

Peach Fritters // fluffy, soft, moist + loaded with fresh peaches

Noodles and hotdogs combined to one. I will definitely be using sausage instead of hotdogs.

Hot Dog Spaghetti

How fun for kids and kids of heart! Slide spaghetti through Vienna sausages or sliced hot dogs, cover with a sauce. I like the Bacon Provolone Spaghetti Sauce by Prego and the ideas go on.

Turned out Delicious...except I doctored a bit. Instead of pasta sauce I used 1 can of Hormel chili with beans and 1 can of manwich. I also added chopped red & green pepper along with the onion.

French Fry Pie

French Fry Pie Ingredients 1 Tablespoon Butter or Margarine 1 Cup of Diced Onions 1 Minced Garlic Clove 28 Ounces of Frozen French Fries Ground Beef 14