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Antique Book selections from the Vintage Books Team on Etsy. Book selections are 100-plus years of age... To view more of our Vintage/Antique Books & Paper Ephemera go to
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Antique Book 1850 Elements of Logick by Levi by CrookedHouseBooks

1935 Tale of Genji Novel in Four Parts by Lady by ourtimecapsule

Kilverts Diary Life in English Countryside in by FeltersCottage

Antique Book Vicar of Wakefield by Oliver by CrookedHouseBooks

Antique Book 1847 Victoria Miniature Almanack by CrookedHouseBooks

1882 Shakespeare Dramatical Works Angel & Lyre by OakwoodView

Antique Book Pine Tree Ballads by Holman Day by CrookedHouseBooks

Bracebridge Hall book Washington Irving by vintageboxofdelights

English Governess at the Siamese Court 1870 by BlueLeafPapersBooks

The Outline of Knowledge Volumes III IV and XV by vintagetoyshoppe

Christmas Eve on the Lonesome Hell for Sartain by vintagetoyshoppe

Museum of Antiquity 1884 Antique Book World by CrookedHouseBooks

Antique Book 1925 Ford Service Manual Auto by CrookedHouseBooks

Lady of the Lake by Sir Walter Scott 1883 by CrookedHouseBooks

The Unvanquished by William Faulkner 1938 by CrookedHouseBooks

Gold Gated West 1910 Antique Book Songs and by CrookedHouseBooks

Antique Book Set 1902 Miser's Daughter by by CrookedHouseBooks

The Book She By H Rider Haggard Dated 1900 by PrintsPlatesAndPages

Antique Roycroft Book Message to Garcia and by ElegantArtifacts

The Works Of P Virgilius Maro/ Virgil / And An by Lionfishvintage

Antique Book Trilby by George Du Maurier by CrookedHouseBooks

Jude the Obscure by Thomas Hardy 1928 by EnglishVintageBooks

Building the Baby Antique Parenting Book by by CrookedHouseBooks

Antique Book Crab Cottage by Raymond Jacberns by CrookedHouseBooks

Antiquarian Book Masters in Art A Series of by ElegantArtifacts