Volleyball is my life and passion and god gives me the ability to play it
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Yessss hahah

i saw some girls showing each other their red arms and being like "whoa!" "it hurts so bad!" i'm sitting there like "newbie.


You know you're a volleyball player have tried setting into a basketball hoop. **have set into a basketball hoop**

I want this for my wedding

Volleyball wedding cake topper absolutely love it! I hope that my future husband likes volleyball, if not we are going to have a big problem hahaha

Who else wants a wedding like this

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My life like when I miss out on fun things with my friends for volleyball I think I commuted to this and this is my love and passion

Go ahed and make fun if hard workers and people who get good grades. I like pickles on my cheeseburger, no mustard or ketchap either.