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Letting her freckles shine! I knew a girl years back and always saw her with makeup. One day, I didn't and she was filled with freckles! She was the cutest thing without her makeup! She received so many compliments at the show!

Photograph by Eric Lafforgue.

Caroline, Mudimba girl smile - Angola Mudimba young girl dressed for a wedding. Most of the women were wearing some clothes as it was a christian wedding, but some stayed in their tribal clothes: topless!

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Natural no makeup makeup with bold brows, shimmer eyeshadow, and pink blush

Anonymous said: I'm really confused about eyebrow gel. Answer: Eyebrow gel usually caters to two trends… a really groomed brow and a really messy brow.

Love both the hair & makeup ~ vintage Hair love the style

Love both the hair & makeup ~ vintage Hair love the style. Maybe when I grow mine out.