Colorful toe nails with gorden stripes - 30 Toe Nail Designs <3 <3

30+ Toe Nail Designs

125 Best Instagram Nail Art Nails!

Nail Art – 125 Best Instagram Nail Art

White-Rhinestone Toe NailArt

White-Rhinestone Toe NailArt super nice but maybe will try with light gray or light purple (beige)

Essie Guchi Muchi Puchi

Essie Guchi Muchi Puchi by Essie, one of my favorite colors! Classic, clean, looks good with a tan.

55 Bow Nail Art Ideas

Wonderful looking glitter and bow nail art. Combining styles creates a very unique nail art. In this little combination matte, polka dot and sandwich designs are used as well as painting small cute bows on one side of the nails.

Essie she said yes

This sheer and whimsical white is called, 'She Said Yes'. It is part of essie's new Bridal 2014 Collection. It has a subtle distribution of microglitter throughout. A gorgeous color for the blushing bride.