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WeTopia is Sojo Studio's first game. Help children in the Real World, play for good!

You can provide a student in Haiti with a breakfast by purchasing the limited time "Food for Thought" shop in WeTopia!

Check out the new social gift in WeTopia, the Food for Thought shop. Purchase the shop for your world and a student in Haiti receives a breakfast!

Gifts of Joy given in WeTopia ensure that kids like first-grader Amalin (age 6) will have a place to learn, grow, and flourish! Keep giving!

Keep giving Joy in WeTopia to help build a safe and spacious school for 10-year-olds Watson and Timmase! And all their friends!

Joy given in WeTopia can shape the futures of kids like 3-year-old Ronaldin by creating a safe classroom where he can learn and grow!

First-graders Edina and Fedlin are excited about the new school that will be built in their community! Keep giving Joy in WeTopia!

We’re almost there! Keep giving Joy in WeTopia to help build a school for Wilson (age 12) and his friends in Flamands!

Thank you to WeTopia players for helping to fund Haiti Hot Meals 2!

Joy given in WeTopia has fully funded nutritious hot meals and put food on the table for kids in Haiti!

Gifts of Joy allow friends to enjoy spoonfuls of delicious meals packed with the essential nutrients that they need!

The Haiti Hot Meals 2 project is now fully funded! Soon kids will enjoy the meals that Joy from WeTopia has provided!

Because of Joy given in WeTopia, plates will be full throughout Port-au-Prince, Haiti; equipping kids with the nutrients they need to grow!

Joy from WeTopia makes Grace (age 7) smile as she knows she’ll get to see a doctor on a regular basis for all her health care needs!

Gifts of Joy given in WeTopia can help Children’s Health Fund provide comprehensive wellness check-ups to kids like 2-year-old Jacob!

Immunizations are important for young children like Keila. Joy from WeTopia gives kids like Keila the chance to see a doctor!

Thomas (age 5) loves visiting the doctor! Joy from WeTopia can help kids just like Thomas receive the health care they need!

Joy from WeTopia can give young readers the individual attention they need to succeed in the classroom!

Halfway there! Keep giving Joy to the U.S. Love to Read project in WeTopia and help put smiles on faces in Appalachia!

The U.S. Love to Read project is 50% funded! Keep playing WeTopia to help kids in Appalachia become dedicated readers for life!

Kids in Appalachia will now have the opportunity to grow up in a healthier environment! And it’s all because the simple act of giving Joy in WeTopia!

Joy from WeTopia gives kids the chance to choose healthy snacks like oranges and pretzels instead of junk food! Thanks for giving!

Way to go! Gifts of Joy given in WeTopia will enable John Wiley and his friends to take part in fun games while learning about exercise!

Joy from WeTopia has fully funded the U.S. Healthy Kids project! Kids will now have access to fun, healthy activities!

Joy given in WeTopia will provide healthy snacks for kids in Appalachia! Thank you for making a difference in the lives of children!

Congratulations! Because of gifts of Joy, John Wiley can continue to learn healthy habits and manage his diabetes!