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Songs made of wood. A wood record player! more on http://www.wevux.com/ #wood

German artist Bartholomäus Traubeck has created a machine that is able to play the trunks of trees on a turntable , translating circles in musical notes

Rorschach Photography, more on http://www.wevux.com/ #photography

archatlas: Rorschach Photography Mat Piranda “Project about digital symmetry applied to landscape and nature photographs. The main purpose of these photographs is to imagine forms from patterns created by the symmetry, like in the Rorschach inkblot test.

This is a NOSE-PAD, "Look, No Hands!" project by Michelle Vandy http://www.wevux.com/

The website “Look, No Hands” tells the story of a designer who works in the most unconventional of ways.

Masini Illustration, What Not To Say To a Photographer  #photography

What not to say to a photographer is another project of Zerouno. Again they collected a list of 15 bothersome sayings that a photographer usually hear or c

Miren Lasnier Jewellery #Jewellery

Oriental Jewels by Miren Lasnier

Jaka Bulc Photography  #Photography

On the road with Jaka Bulc

Lorenzo Marinozzi Photography  #Photography

Lorenzo Marinozzi Photography #Photography

Epicez-moi, Estelle Lefèvre

French photographer Estelle Lefèvre got interested in culinary photography for her series “Epicez-moi” in which she realizes ustensiles, fruits or