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You do not have to be a hardcore gamer to appreciate these creative gaming advertisements, game-inspired art and other offbeat art and design related to games – you just have to be able to remember back to grabbing mushrooms in Mario Brothers or busting your wrist trying to pull off a finishing move in Mortal Kombat. For serious gamers and amateur gaming fans alike here are some strange games brought to live in creative ways.
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Energy Pods to Ostrich Pillows: 15 Nap-Worthy Inventions

Energy Pods to Ostrich Pillows: 15 Nap-Worthy Inventions for when I get a corporate job and need a swanky place to nap!

Neat nesting PacMan furnishings

Italian home design company Qayot will help nostalgic geeks hold onto the golden era of video games with the Poufman living room set, which was unofficially inspired by Pacman’s iconic silhouette.


Sao Paulo ad agency Moma Propaganda created a stunning series of posters using retro illustrations to promote social media services as part of the project “Everything Ages Fast.

Cool upcycled-disk computer case

Case Closed: 15 of the Coolest Laptop Bags & Sleeves

Landscape circuit board art

"Uncharted Terrain" Grace Grothous made a topographic landscape out of discarded circuit boards.


Steampunk Keyboard - Steampunk Crafts Wiki uses inspiration from cyberpunk to explain what is steampunk as well as share steampunk crafts in.

Extreme Street View: Google Employee Maps Deserted Island

Islands of Japan : Occupied for over a century, and briefly the world’s most densely-populated island, Gunkanjima, Japan (aka Hashima) is now one of the loneliest places on the planet.

Scrabble Furniture!

Wow, check out this scrabble sofa. If you are a scrabble lover, you will love this one. these Scrabble Sofas are made by Stephen Reed for employees in the

Gamer ties

Neckties… every guy’s got at least one, few guys enjoy wearing them.


Chuck Norris, were he homeless would not beg for food. He would offer you round house kick you in the face.

USB Tank

By Andrew Liszewski Maybe you took my advice and tried the Inflatable Gladiator Combat Set from last week at work, but as a result, the atmosphere in your office is…