DIY Citrus Vinegar Cleaner

DIY Citrus Vinegar Cleaner - In Sonnet's Kitchen

This is my absolute FAVORITE: solar thermal panels on your roof can heat your house, your water, and generate no-transmission-loss electricity . . . even on a cloudy day! This technology is a game changer!

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Apple Scraps Vinegar

Make Your Own Apple Cider Vinegar From Scraps! - One Good Thing by Jillee

Bees Wrap

Single Wraps

This is one of my favorite cleaners to date! All natural chemical free glass cleaner.

DIY All Natural Glass Cleaner - PinkWhen

sustainable house

How To Design A Living Roof That Saves Energy

Green-ish... Conventional windshield wiping fluid is one of the more toxic liquids involved in automobile upkeep because it has been made with methanol, a poisonous alcohol.  Two tablespoons of it can kill a child and 2-8 ounces of it can kill an...

Switching to an eco-friendly windshield wiper fluid can prevent billions of gallons of toxins per year

Save money on your bills with a DIY solar hot water heater. You can complete the project for as little as $300 to $2,000, depending on materials, if you DIY. This solar upgrade is designed to supplement your existing electric system, so even in cloudy weather, you can still enjoy a hot shower.

Slash Your Electric Bill with 11 Savvy Hacks

Rain Barrels, Chicken Coops, and Solar Panels

How To Make A Solar Panel On A Tight Budget - If you are interested in learning how to make a solar panel, then you are probably interested in either saving money over the long term, being more eco-friendly, or both. Either way, those are good enough reasons for wanting to know how to build a solar panel.

Solar Power : How To Make A Solar Panel On A Tight Budget

Going solar

Apartment Solar System

Instructables Wind turbine

Simple Backyard Wind Turbine

Living plastic free is almost impossible nowadays, but every effort helps. Here are 21 every day ways to reduce the use of plastics in your home.

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Wool Dryer Balls 2

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Best Detox bath - PositiveMed

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Make your own scented stick diffuser to keep your home smelling fresh and clean! Use this recipe and pour the mix into a bottle, then add some skewers.

Easy DIY: Homemade Scented Stick Diffuser

How to Clean a Toothbrush Naturally

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An environmentally friendly alternative to bleach!

A Natural Bleach Alternative - One Good Thing by Jillee

Chemical Free Toy Cleaning? Yes, Please! from MommyTesters

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Reusable Mesh Produce Bags: Stock up on these fine mesh bags, which make it easy to scan at checkout and rinse your food when you get home. These reusable sacks are easy to store and can save up to 150 plastic bags each year.

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Stainless steel, glass, and plastic facts. How sustainable is your reusable bottle?

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This unit makes it easy to be eco-conscious: six of the outlets can be shut off with a handy remote on/off switch, while the other two stay on.

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Geranium & Lavender ORGANIC Talc Free Baby Powder

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refillable pouches

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Summer-specific remedies from the garden, including recipes for Sunburn Spray, Herbal Liniment, and Calendula Balm

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