Lestrade is the best

"My love for Greg knows no bounds." <-Could not be more true <- this scene was almost better than the actual scene with John and Sherlock drunk simply because Greg found everything so amusing XD

This is how i feel everytime i draw something and then Tumblr happens...cry like a baby TTuTT

I love that the stick figure silk has his cheekbones 😂🤣😭 Doodle sketch draw Benedict Cumberbatch

Benedict Cumberbatch, everybody.

Thilia Estel 🎻 on

“Dear you are always our BIG star💖⭐️🌟can't wait to watch Sherlock Special 🙈🐸”

Emma sends Rupert away

Ron aka Rupert Grint but to Harry Potter fans he will always be Ron

dont go there... ah to late

I'm pretty sure if Dean kissed Cas I would explode from happiness ****If Sherlock kissed John

Somebody take Lestrade out of the oven, he is so done.

Well at least we can count on Greg Lestrade to come to the rescue as always. <- Poor Greg is so done with the lot of us.

Yes. The Hobbit, Sherlock, and new Star Trek all in one, with two things in common -- Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman.

The Hobbit, Sherlock, and new Star Trek all in one, with two things in common -- Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman.<<<<<< I have no idea if I should pin this to my LOTR OR SHERLOCK board.

Saw this and basically cried laughing. So funny! But then I wondered honestly what is there to dislike about Benedict Cumberbatch

Benedict Cumberbatch

This has to be my favorite picture oh him. Those puppy eyes are saying oh darling give me a kiss. XD>>> no you stupid shit they are saying "oh darling your stupidity amuses me"

Really Mycroft?

Makes me think he was involved in Sherlock's fake death, and it was a long-time thing. He released Moriarty not because he's obsessed with Sherlock, but because he IS Sherlock!

When I first saw this, I loved the scene for the humor. The second time, I loved it because, despite that fact that Anderson is one of Lestrade's men and that even he questions Sherlock, Lestrade still made his men follow the orders of a "mad man." I just thought that was great.

26 Reasons Sherlock Is The Best TV Show Ever

I love that Lestrade knows how good Sherlock is and so he makes Anderson turn around. Because Anderson's face is annoying Sherlock.


sherlockspeare: “Sherlock and John interrupt Mycroft’s meeting with prime minister. :p Original BBC video is (X) ”