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this is bad, but also funny (my humor is mixed lol) - Home of Cyanide and Happiness

Weekend gaming - exactly same thing happened with me on fifa

Videogame Marathons, Then and Now

lol partner weight joke - Home of Cyanide & Happiness

Cyanide and Happiness, a daily webcomic

Cyanide & Happiness #2396 -

I'd do the same thing, but then regret it. lol Talking plant pot

Cyanide & Happiness #3754 -

A poor pick up line lol

Cyanide & Happiness #3669 -

Hahahaha it is the a must read lol

Cyanide & Happiness #3671 -

A perfect break up card, Im So Sorry #Pokemon

I'm So Sorry - Cheezburger

Omg!! A cerial killer pokemon! Awwww man, I liked wooper..

hahaha a great reflection on memories

Cyanide & Happiness #3636 -

A true Life/Business lesson

Cyanide & Happiness #3634 -

lol a good drinking oke

Cyanide & Happiness #3630 -

lol this reminds me of, me.

Cyanide & Happiness #3621 -

    Pretty funny. The guy who created these comics must have had a tremendous sense of humor. I bet he was able to laugh at all the adversities life threw his way.

lol the truth about smoking

Cyanide & Happiness #3613 -

hahaha baby joke, it is funny

Cyanide & Happiness #3610 -

lol how they think outside the box, Cyanide & Happiness - Carousel

LOL i did not see that joke coming. Cousin Joke.

Cyanide & Happiness #3563 -

The modern way of parenting, I think i'll end up doing this.

Cyanide & Happiness #3548 -

lol this comic gets worse and worse but still is so smart that it is funny.

lol joke on the lion, witch in the wardrobe. lol

Legend of Zelda funny tennis final battle, just like the game

JoyReactor - funny pictures

lol funny, i shall try this one day : he who is without sin shall cast the first stone.

Cyanide & Happiness #3477 -

haha another classic : Cyanide and Happiness

Cyanide & Happiness #3467 -

hahah need to read this, LIFE. Today you become a man, joke

Donor card Joke, just wrong