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Apron dress by DreamIICatcher on deviantART. Note that the open-fronted dress is pinned with a trefoil brooch *and* appears to be belted.

A differant interpretation of a Viking apron dress, but one that I don't think is well documented or supported. Still, the embroidery is STUNNING, and more can be seen by clicking.

Note the fabric trim down the inside edges of this open-fronted apron dress. Also notice that the two sides of this open-front apron dress are being held together, at the top, by a cloak-type clasp, not a brooch.

Pleated linen dress and apron-dress with pleats in the back for fullness but opened in front. Looks like the design from D. Rushworth, "Handbook of Viking Women's Dress AD 700-1200" Made by Savelyeva Ekaterina

Amazing blog. Hedeby Viking reconstruction, multiple pieces (clothing, footwear, adornment) + documentation.

Apron dress with open front and pleats in the back, rear view. Note the Oseberg-inspired embroidery.