Captain America, Thomas (Maze runner) and Percy (from Percy Jackson)

I hate myself every time for falling and not being able to get back up. LIFE ALERT WHERE YOU <------hahahahaha what the heck<<< you have no life! Life alert can not help you.

I never noticed that before!!

Aw, never noticed this before- Eugene buys stuff for Rapunzel despite being a thief.


*starts sobbing* "Why? Why are they so cruel. Don't they think of the readers who fall in love with the characters."<<*everyone stares at uncle rick


hahaha girls i think we've all done this.feel my leg i just shaved, lol skeleton halloween cool funny I LAUGHED WAY TOO HARD AT THIS

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This is what happens when i watch Shawn Mendes

This is so frickin true! I'm like "they looked at me! OMG they looked at me and not you or anyone else watching this just me!

I now bond you two in holy macaroni. Matthew is obsessed with Mac and cheese. This would totally be a funny gag gift!

This is great.

❄️Let it go❄️<<< The struggle. Choosing which board to put this on. My Big Hero 6 board or Frozen board. The struggle. / Elsa and Baymax in Elsa's costume / fist bump!

Funny Animal Pictures Of The Day - 26 Pics

Life is short - and so am I cm) - and I wouldn't have it any other way! I LOVE me! and that Corgi - isn't s/he cute