i HATE PEOPLE WHO BULLY THEY ARE STUPID!! I have been bullied before and NO ONE deserves it! If you bully people i will not be your friend i will actually be your worst nightmare and if you think im kidding come and try me i dare you. i stand up for people and i dont care if they're not my friends they should not be bullied

People really need to read this! I hate bullying, totally against it! instead we should be making people smile, giving them hugs I am done with being bullied

I care Anthony:)

I care Anthony:)<<< i care boy directioners seem awesome so r u anthony!

The sad part is is this is true

Change The Way You Think First

people just need to stopbullying people every time i here of being bullied at school i cry Repost to stop Bullying!

Sorry I have to do dis... They hurt her there is no way in heck I'll risk this one XD

This is scary and I know this is stupid chain mail but I still font want to wrisk it I'm sorry.