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    Cats, Cats, Cats

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    Cats, Cats, Cats

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    This kitty needs Hill's Metabolic...

    ;D gif

    (Gif) haha! :D

    This will never not be funny. (gif)

    Cat gif

    Purrr =^◕ω◕^=






    They don't get squashed & are less likely to get lost #IndoorCatBenefits

    (Go ahead, try to find something more important than this kitten. We dare you.) | Of Course BuzzFeed Has A Newsletter About Cats

    Friends help each other up.

    Leo and Susie (by Photographs by Rachel)

    Cat in the hat ♥cowboy kitty

    Top 5 Smallest Cat Breeds | 5 of 5 | Munchkins are bred to emphasize their dwarfism. These adorable shorties are also one of the smallest cat breeds weighing in between 5-9 pounds.

    Gentle flutter upon a nose

    4 breeds of domestic cats that look like tigers

    Omg sorry sorry sorry... (GIF)

    Adorable ❤️❤️❤️