50 Cute Small Wrist Tattoos For Girls | How to Tattoo? i LOVE this heart tattoo

small tattoos for wrist. I would get this as a sister tattoo in the same location :) wrist tattoo ideas

I love the placement!

Tattoo Submission: Cec (Norway) (Tattoologist)

Tattoo Idea!

go-to fonts in elegant script style. I really like black jack, wind song, dancing script and redressed


And she loved a little boy very, very much -even more than she loved herself. The Giving Tree, Shel Silverstein. I want this! Love it. I cried the first time i read this. The fucker cut down the giving tree.

Love this one! if i were ever to get a tattoo for my husband i would do this something small under my ring

It's on the wedding finger because the wedding finger has a direct route to your heart. It symbolizes true love for yourself, a big thing that most people lack. so presh. **this is where i would put the handwriting of my aunt**