Octopus door handle by GregsHome

Steampunk vintage Octopus door handle

Fantastic for an Oceanographer's home, or fantastical for fans of Jules Verne. Little creepy for me, yet I love it!

20 Creative Nautical Home Decorating Ideas

apolonisaphrodisia: Octopus Chandelier by Daniel Hopper Design This octopus lighting fixture brings a fun and witty feel to a room.

Lizard Island Octopus

LIZARD ISLAND OCTOPUS (no scientific name found) ©Dr. Julian Finn Another striking specimen discovered by the Marine Census of Life at the Great Barrier Reef’s Lizard Island was this octopus.


I found this under funny things but this is not funny this is seriously scary! We have road kill in Wyoming but I'm not to thrilled to see what can wash up on the beach!


Kraken, believed to be a giant octopus or squid with tentacles and size to drag ships to the bottom of the sea.

Octopus tattoo

Check out these 50 awesome octopus tattoos for your next tattoo inspiration. Octopus is one of the popular aquatic animal being tattooed for men and women