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I muslim

I muslim

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I am a Muslim

Islam Quotes | Islamic Reflections Islam is beautiful . ALHAMDULILLAH

Ayat al Kursi

60+ islamic marriage quotes www.ultraupdates.... #Marriage #islamic #Quotes

60+ Islamic Marriage Quotes For Husband and Wife

Face it with Imaan...

There is no might or power except with Allah.

Begin your day with something better than the world and everything in it: 2 RAKAH SUNNAH OF FAJR. (Don't forget Fardh!) Pray Dhuhr, Asr & Maghrib in order to directly speak to Allah, ESPECIALLY IN SUJOOD. A place where Allah is closest to us, closer than our jugular vein. Therefore, MAKE DUA IN SUJOOD! BEST TIME! End your day with Esha and sleep knowing you have completed your obligations as a MUSLIM and have made the most of the Blessing that is SALAH. - Faiza Suleman

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Sometimes, you just have…

Sometimes its hard to wake up that early, but prayer is better than sleep.

Narrated Abu Mas’ud Al-Ansari: The Prophet said, “If one recites the last two Verses of Surat-al-Baqara at night, it is sufficient for him (for that night)." Sahih AlBukhari

o Allah, do not make this world our greatest concern. #duaa #islam

I know I already pinned this, but everytime I think of this it blows my mind. Insha'Allah we all get the chance to meet our beloved prophet peace and blessings be upon him.

Beautiful Islamic Quotes | Islamic Quotes About Love

Islamic Quotes About Love

24434 (Number of Raka'ats for: Subh/Fajr, Zuhr, 'Asr, Maghrib, 'Isya')

القلب حرم الله

Allah never leave you


You snooze, you lose ....sustenance!

the ummah before us are stronger

Revolutionizing Reminders

my love for Allah

Hate the persons ways not them. Some are more deceived by this dunya than others.

Fajr: better than the world and what it contains.