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What to Know When Storing Water

Cut up a straw and fill the pieces up with antibiotic ointment or toothpaste for single-use packets. | 41 Camping Hacks That Are BorderlineGenius

Water Purification and Simple Technology

making apple jelly or apple sauce.

Five Great Soaps to Prep! - American Preppers Network

Soap making in the woods can be almost automatic. Hardwood ashes are some of the best producers of lye. Add a bucket of rain water and some left-over cooking fat and you can easily brew up enough soap to clean everybody and everything.

Irish Spring and a cheese grater. Apparently squirrels hate the smell of the soap, so they'll stay out of your garden. as well as deer and mice.

the cape on the corner: those furry little...

Urban Prepper Chick - Basic prepper info- How to Prep blog: Pine sap, pitch, tar?? and its uses

a great little portable stove. I have made a couple of these before and just used rubbing alcohol and they work surprisingly well. They are very small, light weight, and work like a Champ.

Cool little Rocket Stove. These things cook on twigs and scraps very efficiently.

boiling water to purify it

Two solar hot-water systems you can (probably) do yourself


How to build a solar dehydrator

Curing Ham and Home Ham Curing Recipes for Homesteading and Self Sufficient Living

How to Can Mandarin Oranges

Website that sells mason jars for cheap.

homemade apple cider vinegar (made from apple peels, water, and time)

How to open a can without a can opener. You never know when this kind of knowledge might be handy. :)

Family Emergency Binder - Keep all your documents together that you need to grab in an emergency. Printable Templates.

Never Pay For Onions Again: Grow Them Indoors! This page has all sorts of interesting ideas for growing plants indoors. @Rosalyn Kelly

So much better than giving away tupperware with treats :) This is genius.

Easy long term food storage for a variety of staples: rice, beans, grains (like polenta & cream of wheat) and sugar. Buy in bulk, store in clean empty bottles and use what you need as you need it! They are water and air tight and keep bugs out! So much better than 5, 10 or 55 gallon containers or even sacks. 1 and 2 liter sizes are great for trading too! Click LINK for full article. Remember to prep all 6 evenly: Hydration. Shelter, Nutrition. First Aid. Defense & Hygiene.

Good basic information that would be helpful in any disaster setting.