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a white toilet with blue seat and lid
Ecovita Privy Kit
For Composting Toilet - The Privy Kit 501 with Seat and Lid - A urine-diverter that makes constructing your own composting toilet—or improving an existing latrine—ea...
there is a white toilet bowl on the wall
Kildwick Kompact Urine Separator
Underside of the Eco-Loo Urine Diverter.
a white toilet with the lid up in a bathroom
Urine separating toilet | The NatSol compost toilet urine separator
bowl type urine separating pedestal
a white bowl sitting on top of a table next to a gray wall and floor
Shit and blossoms: Urine Separator for DIY composting toilet
Urine Separator - Composting toilet systems More
a blue water tank sitting under a wooden shelf
Komposttoilette - Seite 15
two white buckets sitting next to each other
Reader Roundup: DIY Composting Toilets – Mother Earth News
Before you set up your own DI composting toilet, read the experiences of several folks who have successfully — and happily — lived with simple bucket toilets.
Humanure Toilet, I'm not joking. Its free compost. Compost Bin, Making A Compost Bin, How To Make Compost, Making Compost
Humanure Composting Basic How-to Information
Humanure Toilet, I'm not joking. Its free compost.
a toilet sitting on top of a wooden shelf next to a trash can and bin
Fabrication de toilettes seches et composteur
a wooden toilet seat with the lid up
Camper Awnings | Camp Area
Dry Composting Toilet Box - Urine separating DIY composting toilet. Use saw dust in bucket, Spray the urinal with vinegar water after use. #campingtoilet
an open wooden box with two white pots and one black pot in it on the grass
Eco-Loo Capture – self-contained off-grid compost toilet
This new version of the Eco-Loo Capture features the new 10L urine bottle with integral carry handle and 20 litre solids container, it is narrower and shallower than the previous version, making it…
a green and white stove with a wooden lid on it's side in the grass
Eco-Loo Capture 12:25 Green 01
the parts of a toilet that are on top of a wooden table with instructions to install it
How to install urine separator (with video) - Shit and blossoms
Urine separator installation instruction
a drawing of a bathroom with a toilet and trash can on the table next to it
Toilettes à litière bio-maîtrisée
toilettes sèches Plus More