Hahaha this is soooo funny!

Funny pictures about Puns. Puns everywhere. Oh, and cool pics about Puns. Puns everywhere. Also, Puns. Puns everywhere.

oh my gosh. lol!

surprised our fridge doesnt look like this.steph has a problem. pickles n the fridge n popsicles n the freezer.

Well shucks that was so adorable

6 funny dogs and cute puppies

Well shucks that was so adorable! Puppies are AMAZING!


That was my favorite movie ever since I could remember. I had toys and CDs and all things finding nemo so I've been waiting my whole life for this movie, due to the fact I was born the year before.

A list of people I trust

Relationship Tips - Do You Have Trust Issues? Most trust issues come from not…

Funny Dogs

"Going shopping with your dog they said… It'll be fun they said." ~ Dog Shaming shame - This has never happened with MY DOGS! Awe what a cutie pie


Make one special photo charms for your pets, compatible with your Pandora bracelets. Barked At The Mailman funny cute memes adorable dog pets meme lol funny quotes funny sayings humor funny pictures funny animals funny dogs

How adorable is this Chanel No. 5 Vase for a French themed party?

How adorable is this Chanel No. 5 Vase for a French themed party? Or just a pretty vase!

HAHAHAHA this is Jason!

Ben & Jerry's Pint Combination Lock

An Ice Cream Pint Combination Lock. I need this for someone to lock up the ice cream on me so it's safe.

Baby Swoff. "Dis mai teddy"

A Resident Baby Sloth of: "Aviarios Del Caribe" (A Sloth Sancturary) in Costa Rica. A Baby Sloth Cuddles up With His Teddy Bear.

15 Reasons Phil Dunphy Is Everyone’s Favorite “Modern Family” Character… Ty Burrell Turns 47 Today! I love Phil and Modern Family!

Pretty much.

This just showed up in my news feed... As a female, I can (shamefully) confirm.

When You Sneeze On Your Period - so gross, but so true

Gilmore Girls

Those bastard cats, staking out their next soft touch.

Cat bros

Cat bros

I love orange cats❤ someone poisoned my ginger boy named Buddy.a big sweet baby.

hurry and buy the hutzler 571 banana slicer it could save your life!