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Including a wood fired oven in your modern outdoor kitchen will let you cook a range of meals, plus you get that authentic smokey flavor.

Here are 7 ideas for creating the perfect modern outdoor kitchen that will serve you both in the coming spring and summer months.

The River Garden, Rosemary Coldstream,  Rosemary Coldstream Garden Design

The River Garden by Rosemary Coldstream, which won the Pocket Garden Award, features plants including the moorgrass molinia ‘heidebraut’, bverbena bonariensis and asters: - Gardening Go

Un giardino dal sapore mediterraneo

Leopoldina Haynes Garden: grey and green - I like this for a small back yard space

A Organ Pipe Cactus Wall: an elegant wall for a desert garden. This looks to be Organ Pipe Cactus (Lemaireocereus marinates) and a little research shows that it has often been used for natural fencing in the past. You can find more information through this Google Search on Organ Pipe Cactus.

Oh my God. How brilliant! Love this! I'm not generally a fan of prickly cacti, but as a fence, it is not only very sculptural, but very strategic as well! Cacti fence at Oaxaca Botanical Garden, Mexico

_wsb_836x441_sandstone+paving.JPG 836×441 pixels

Fulham Paving - Landscape Garden Design Chelsea and Fulham

Loving cacti right now. Photo by Norm Plate for Sunset Magazine.

Brilliant use of cactus as art. Mexican fence post cactus (Pachycereus marginatus) clustered and staggered along a courtyard wall.

Cielo Mar Residence / Sarco Architects

CieloMar Residence by Sarco Architects / Limon, Costa Rica

Portfolio Mediterranean landscape - Cor-ten steel planters and retaining wall steps - Desert /arid garden with cacti & succulents

Cor-ten steel gives a rustic, natural patina to landscaping with so many decorating options! - mediterranean landscape by D-CRAIN Design and Construction

Love the transition from deck to rock by Charlotte Rowe Garden Design