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Fun Fruit art **LOVE this! Try our Rose Petal, or Pomegranate #Saladshots for dippin'!

Dolphin bananas Fruit center Love this kind of art it's OK to play with your food when eating watermelon , blueberries, honeydew melon, oranges strawberries

Carrée d'agneau des alpes de Haute Provence, sablé romarin, aubergines, courgettes, et piments doux à l'huile de Mausanne (La Pyramide, Patrick Henriroux)

Located south of Lyon in the once Roman town of Vienne, La Pyramide welcomes you to a family-run hotel where small-town tranquillity reigns

spring wedding table

lilies of the valley in small vases/ Play your wedding date with the season where the flowers you want grow plentiful (less expensive) and you get exactly what you dreamed for your weeding decor.