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cute baby donkey...

The Proud by Ron McGinnis

Baroque stallion

Handsome Baby

I love a roman nose bu that's insane. The Kladruber, an endangered breed from the Czech Republic, was once a ceremonial carriage horse and widely known for its distinctive Roman nose. The breed was nearly wiped out in the early twentieth century, but European breeders are now trying to revive the breed by selective outcrossing programs.

I love this color!

Stunning grey horse

Fuzzy babies!!

Breathtaking Horse Colors

Breathtaking Horse Colors

Perfectly matched. Mom and baby.

Now that's some color!

That Kind Of Woman

MOM!!!!!! Mare and foal.

Ultimate Dressage • View topic - Uh, Mom, I'm Up Here!

Heniarth Quinnell, a Welsh Mountain Pony, by Sjoert

So ugly it is cute. Appaloosa/ Gypsy Vanner - Named Candy

Candy by valentina-86 on deviantART

Fresian and Shetland

Gorgeous pinto

Coudelaria Lusitano - These horses are very similar in conformation to the Andalusian horses of Spain. The two breed are thought to have originated from a common source but selection in the Lusitano has resulted in a more convex profile reminiscent of the old Andalusian or Iberian horse whereas the Andalusian as developed a more Oriental head shape.

Chelin Sanjuan (b 1968 - Spanish)

Love this stage of grey.

50 Shades of Dappled Grey | HORSE NATION

Triple Jet Cee Jay - Classic (champagne) grullo AQHA stallion Ee/aa/CHn/Dn. This magnificent stud is owned by Heidi Siobhail Hellemons


Welsh pony

Уэльский пони - фотографии


Believe In The Heart Of A Horse