A.A. Laun

A.A. Laun

For well over 100 years the A.A. Laun Furniture Company has manufactured fine home furnishings.
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So true! hip hop instrumentals updated daily => http://www.beatzbylekz.ca

Watermelon popsicle *updated description - this treat from Japan is not real watermelon and has bits of chocolate in it! Nevertheless, good reminder to have frozen watermelon this summer...yum!

20 things people with clean homes do daily! This is a great list of tips to use to help you clean your home more effectively and easily!

The Lemonade Diet, also known as the master cleanse, is a diet resulting in rapid weight loss over a period of several days to about a week.

** " Can'ts me be just a kid and notz haz to worries 'bout retrievin' duck cadavers. Mallards becomin' extinct from allz de huntin', but de State makes big money from licensin', justs likes deer murders. Soes dey won'ts evers stops."