Sanseveria as the vertical element, Purple Heart (Setcresea), Senecio and Burro's Tail draping over the sides

We have two of these pots flanking our front entry. The pots have Sanseveria as the vertical element, Senecio and Burro's Tail draping over the sides and the purple is Purple Heart (Setcresea).

A hanging Tillandsia xerographica. Brilliant!

Tillandsia xerographica specimen The grower has been given space to produce some individuals as specimens which she may enter into judging contests. Apparently, when other contestants see her arrive, they give up all hope of blue ribbons!

Attached to the tails of Spanish moss and draped over a branch, tillandsia becomes art.

11 Secrets to the Easiest Garden Ever

Steve Martino, landscape architect

cabbagerose: my gorgeous little prickly pear cacti! steve martino landscape architect via: judywerner


gorgeous mixed succulent border - this is inspiration to spruce up my front border. The plants I have there have filled in nicely but I don't have enough height or enough of a mix.

Agave ‘Blue Flame’ and Agave ‘Blue Glow’

Agaves 'Blue Flame' in the back row and 'Blue Glow' in the front. Hardy to 'Blue Flame': Width: feet Height: feet.

Small Tillandsia Ornaments, air plant ornaments, air plant hangers, hanging plants, bromeliads, gifts

These delightful hanging ornaments are composed of concentric brass coils to support your favorite air plant! Perfect to hang on a window or wall, (Favorite Ideas)