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New York City World Trade Center

New York City World Trade Center

New york 1950

Work at the corner building on the right.

#  MANHATTAN  #                          "World Trade Center".                               New York City, USA.

The original World Trade Centre, New York City. The North Tower (left) is 1 WTC. The South Tower (right) is 2 WTC. The red granite-clad building left of the Twin Towers is the original 7 World Trade Centre.

“The twin towers of the World Trade Center in 1974.  On this September 11th, we remember and pay tribute. #NeverForget #September11 (Photo via @gettyimages)”

The World Trade Center officially opened on April I must be old because I remember when the World Trade Center opened.

Twin towers

Time does not heal all wounds. Every thought and memory of September 2011 makes you cry like it happened yesterday. God bless the victims and their families. God bless the heroes. United we stand. God Bless the USA. We will never forget.

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